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Divine Science

Discover your inner power. God is flowing through all things and all people. The only thing separating us from our Divine Potential is ourselves. Divine Science is a teaching centered on the principle: GOD IS ALL PRESENT. Omnipresence is the belief that one Presence fills All, and it is GOOD. This One Presence includes Love, Wisdom, Power, Substance and there is no opposite or other than this Omnipresence.


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When coming to our Spiritual Center, you will find:

  • warm and welcoming people;
  • a participative Sunday Seminar;
  • a sacred space for prayer;
  • support for you wherever you are on your spiritual path;
  • inspiring messages;
  • a Spiritual Director who listens;
  • high-quality, contemporary, high-energy music ministry;
  • children are welcomed;
  • a variety of fun, engaging classes, workshops and activities;
  • a center that is constantly evolving, learning and transforming and you evolve, in the process.



Join Us!

Nona L Brooks - one of the founders of Divine Science

Pueblo Divine Science Church
led by: Rev. Earleen Cornell
115 East Routt Pueblo, CO 81004
Sundays 11am
phone (719) 543-0812

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brings joy and health

Personal Empowerment

Divine Science teaches that allness of Spirit is forever present in mind, and we are only limited by our ability to recognize this present source of good.

As we become aware of this truth we gradually begin to let go of the limitations we have placed on ourselves and others. We release our attachment to the world of things, thus eliminating stress and worry from our lives. We discover a depth within ourselves never before realized which is capable of bringing to us all we need or desire. Divine Science believes this is what Jesus meant when he said, "I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly." The world perceived only through our senses appears dualistic, a multiplicity of things and ideas constantly changing in appearance, in quantity and quality. But the inner depth of Being is conceived as the one and only constant, eternal Source of ALL.


Join us for deep loving Spiritual Celebration

At Divine Science Church in Pueblo, you will discover that God is present in your life right now!

Remember that the love of God is surrounding you and that It is God's "pleasure to give you the kingdom," here on earth. We use the Bible and interpret it metaphorically, in order to have a better and deeper understanding of scriptures. God's life is your life, and you are perfect, whole and complete in the sight of God. The Spirit that dwells in you is a spirit of hope, joy, peace, prosperity and wisdom. Your spirit is a Spirit of Love! Come and join with us in this great expression of Being. We look forward to sharing in spreading the LOVE and teachings of Jesus the Christ.



Take classes at our center from our wonderful minister and our great team of empowerment professionals.


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Pueblo Divine Science Church
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